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The Aviary

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The Aviary is a rotating-wheel space habitat in equatorial geosynchronous orbit over Chehon City. Considered a township of Chehon, the station is legislated by a locally-elected station council, but is administered by a Commander appointed by the Chehon Port Authority.

The primary industry of The Aviary is transportation of goods between Chehon and visiting starships, with port services taking second place. However, the station is better known for its variety of entertainment venues, which dominate the full-gravity sections of the station's habitation ring.


The station is a large mixed-purpose orbital habitat with two contra-rotating, nested habitat rings; the outer ring is upscale and middle-class commercial space and luxury residences maintained at full Curuoskar gravity, while the inner ring is primarily dedicated to budget retail spaces and a mix of budget and middle-class residences with a gravity level of about 75% of standard gravity. Each ring is about 1/2 mile (800 meters) wide, with the outer ring nearly 2 miles (3200 meters) in diameter. The hub of the rings is a good-sized passenger teleport terminal linked to the planetary grid.

The habitation rings are at one end of a long central boom, the length of which is primarily dedicated to docking space. At the far end of the boom from the hab rings is the large cargo teleportation array, the shuttlebay, and the station's reactors.

Location and Orientation

In order for the large, long-distance teleportation arrays which allow tourism and industry on the station to thrive, the arrays must remain in careful alignment with the teleportation facilities on the ground. This requirement means there's only one suitable site for the station: an equatorial geosynchronous orbit, over 22,000 miles (35,000 km) above the planet. The station's orbit places it due south in Chehon City's sky, at an elevation of about 45 degrees.

The station is "stood up" with relation to the planet, with the cargo teleporter pointed down at the surface. This orientation is maintained by slowly rotating the station end-over-end over the course of a day.


Contrary to what newcomers usually believe, the rotation of the habitat rings isn't to provide gravity: gravity is provided by gravity generators along the outside of the outer hab ring. The rotation of the ring is to allow the sun to evenly heat the station. The inner ring only spins to counter the torque the outer ring's spin would place on the central boom (and, more problematically, the ships docked to it).

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