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I also share your sentiment about the vast amount of unused areas. My take is that, in the idea of creating a 'world' experience, we haven't managed to gain enough players to make USE of a world so large. There are so many empty buildings whose builders haven't logged in for years and years... and empty spaces where either buildings use to be or never got used. While it would be a HUGE undertaking... and I might even be talked into doing a rather gregarious walk-a-bout and compiling a vast list of such things (you'd have to really sweet talk me though and it would take quite a while to finish)... such a compilation could be used to "reshape" the world by eliminating areas where there is no activity at all anymore and consolidating things easier to make everything more cozy and accessible. New Tport patterns could also help... the public ones we have now take us to many places where only dustbunnies live and play. Areas can always be added once the userbase grows enough to support such things but, until then, it's a lot like being in a city build for 10 million that only has 1,000 residents. Lots of empty streets and buildings and everyone huddled together in one place mostly. :(

wizzago07:33, 2 September 2015
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