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The movie trailer is a 13 MB file in mpeg format, with a running time of one minute and twenty-two seconds. It was put together by a friend of mine, Reevan McKay, whose exceptional 3D rendering, in my opinion, makes it well worth the download time. I would also like to thank David Peterson for his outstanding music, 'Ace', as well as my roomate Jodi, who did Ember, and Rob Maa, who's flat, toneless voice makes such a great automated warning system. Thanks guys!

The movie trailer probably isn't going to result in a movie - it's really just a sample of some of Rym's concepts, namely the great war which destroyed the rampant Creator Empire. In essence, Rym is a fantasy post-apocalyptic setting, shaped by a devastating conflict between the gods and the mortal nations. Nigh, at left, is just one of the awesome war machines built by Creator Empire. Their victory over the fading deities was brief, however, as the unimaginable destruction wrought by their own machines consumed the world in fire and plague, and brought about the collapse of their civilization.

The architect of this war between science and religion was the City Mind (second frame), an artificial deity built by the Creators to answer those questions the old gods would not. This technological oracle, housed deep beneath the shining city of Des, began contributing fantastic innovations to the lives of its makers, and eventually took control of their government. When the gods attempted to destroy this false idol and punish the Creators for their hubris, it fought back, and immediately declared war on behalf of its people. Those that did not follow the City Mind's edicts were executed, and all who remained took up arms and stood by their artificial deity as both sides were drawn towards inevitable conflict.

Towards the end of the war, when it became clear that the City Mind was willing to sacrifice the entire world and all life upon it to see the gods destroyed, a small group of the Creator High Command attempted to sabotage the insane computer. They failed, but their attempt diverted the City Mind's attention for long enough to allow a single young goddess to escape the battle - the sun goddess Kij. This single act of sacrifice is what finally brought Kij back to Rym, thousands of years later, to begin again...