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Editplayer is a program on the MUCK which enables players to set all attributes of their characters using an intuitive, command line program.



To load the program, simply type


and press enter. You will be presented with the following menu:

Your name is Player.
2. Your description is 
3. Your sex is .
4. Your species is .
5. You can throw items.
6. Your home is Furry Town Homeless Shelter(#2668).
7. You can hand/be handed items.
8. You can NOT fly.
9. Your smell message is .
10. When you speak you see 'You  [...]'.
11. When you speak others see 'Player  [...]'.
12. Edit sweep messages.

NOTE: Option #1, player name is no longer able to be changed.

Setting Description

Upon selecting 2 for description, you will be presented with the following syntax:

Would you like to convert this description to MPI (this is only for SIMPLE descriptions, not complex @$desc ones)? (YES/no)

A good idea is to choose YES, since you can insert line breaks, making for easier reading, as well as a description longer than 1000 characters. If you mess up and choose NO, but really did want yes, you can choose Q for quit, then just type:

@desc me=

Then just type editplayer again, choose 2, and YES this time. It will then bring up the MPI description editor.

< Entering editor.  Type '.h' on a line by itself for help. >
< '.end' will exit the editor.   '.abort' aborts the edit.  >
<  Poses and says will pose and say as usual.  To start a   >
<   line with : or " just preceed it with a period  ('.')   >
< Insert at line 2 >

It may be a good idea at this point to type:

.del 1 $

which will clear everything in the buffer for your description. You can then begin typing your description. If you wish to insert a blank line, simply hit return, the space bar 2 or 3 times, then enter again. You can then type the remainder of your description. When you are finished, type


and the system will save your work and go back to the editplayer menu. You can then go through and set the remaining fields, and when you are done, hit Q to quit.

Sex and Species

Options 3 and 4, sex and species are self-explanatory. You can set whatever you like in these fields, with the exception of Human for species.

Throwing and Handing

Throwing is giving a created object to another character who is located in another room. Handing is giving a created object to a character in the same room. These toggle whether or not you want to be able to pass items or have items passed to you.


There are areas on the muck that can only be reached by characters able to fly. Setting this yes will give you access to those areas. This would only be recommended to be set yes if your character has wings.

Smell Message

Your smell message is a line of text that another character sees when they type either

smell Player


smell here


Options 10 and 11 deal with how you emote speech when using the say command. By default, when using say, it will show you

You say, "Blah."

while the rest of the room sees

Player says, "Blah."

To change this, option 10 should be a singular form, 11 should be plural. So if you wish to growl, simply put 'growl' for 10 and 'growls' for 11. The system will insert your name and what you say automatically, so please don't put anything else!

Usage Notes

After creating all of your character components, it may be a good idea to go ahead and preserve your work using the morph command, especially if you will have different outfits or gender/species forms for your character.

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