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This Policy is obsolete.

Simply put, humans characters are not allowed on Tapestries MUCK.

We feel that allowing human characters on Tapestries MUCK will seriously detract from the Mission of the Muck. As is stated in the mission, we wish to maintain this as a place where no one will ever look at you funny for having fur or scales. See Policy Mission Statement.

Human is also a broad term on Tapestries, it includes all demi-human races from classical fantasy (except as noted below), and anything that too closely resembles a human. This also includes such minor alterations as a vampire's fangs, or a demon or angel that is clearly otherwise human.

What is "too close" is at the sole definition of the Wizards.

Because people like to push this rule a lot, our response to it is harsh. Characters deemed to be human are normally removed on sight with no warning. Wizards may choose to warn in marginal cases, but are not required to.

A special exception to this rule is Elves. Elves have a long tradition of association in literature with Furries, and as such, are tolerated as a species choice for this Muck. However, they should clearly be recognizable as an elf, and not just a human with pointy ears. A big burly elf will quickly get classified as human and removed.

Being an elf is something of a challenge on Tapestries. There are a lot of negative opinions about elves being closet humans, and while Policy Harassment protects people playing elves, it will be harder to make friends and otherwise socialize.

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