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Characters are periodically purged to free up resources. The two most important resources are character names, and database space. There are three different sets of criteria that may cause an account to be purged, tailored to different situations and impact on the users. Character meeting the qualifications for purging at the time of a purge will be removed with all their objects with no chance of recovery.


Criteria One

This is designed to eliminate characters create that, for whatever reason, were never used.

  1. Characters who are older than 90 days, and
  2. Have never connected

Criteria Two

This is designed to eliminate those characters that have not been used recently, and have no serious possessions. This is to free up names for others to use.

  1. Characters who have not logged in for 1 year, and
  2. Who own no rooms, and
  3. Who own no MUF programs.

Criteria Three

This purge is designed to free up objects of players not expected to return to the muck. This is to free up names, and to help reduce database size.

  1. Characters who have not logged in for 2 years, and
  2. Who own no in use building, as defined as rooms that have been used in the last year, or that are parent rooms for rooms that have been used in that period. (Excluding rooms and parent rooms in unused space.)

Purge FAQ

  • Can I request someone be purged?
No, purges are done in batches only.
  • Will there be a list of who is purged?
No, you'll have to check for available names after the purge is completed.
  • Why was SoAndSo not purged?
Please review the criteria above for things that will protect someone from being purged, especially the last item of criteria three.
  • When will purges happen?
When the wizards get a round to it.
  • Will you protect a character who's player has died?
Possibly. On a case by case basis depending on how verifiable it is. Please do not abuse this. (Changed: 3/22/11)
  • What flags a room as used?
A room is flagged used any time a connected user is in the room. Either by walking into it, teleporting to it, or even just connecting in the room.
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