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Well, the policies have been changed to allow zone admins to set up listening rooms for their zones which they can idle in to capture logs. That has had an effect on at least one zone. Similarly, the wizards are much more active now than they used to be, and we're really quite good at using regex tools to pull out relevant information from the system logs.

The best thing we can do, however, is encourage people to report things right when they happen. Often times people will put their head down and just take whatever nonsense is being blown their way, because that's sort of what the culture has been for a while. If people report things right when they happen, and you escalate via the "request" system, then I can pull the system logs and tell you exactly what did and did not happen within just a few minutes. No chasing involved. Just, you know. Spanking. :3

So, yes. Emphasize to your playerbase that if they have an issue with another player, they need to bring it to you as the ZA, to us as the wizards, or both. Then set up a monitoring room on the public rooms in your zone and try to keep a character in there to maintain your own zone logfiles so you can consult them. For those incidents which happen in public, you can handle them in-house. Otherwise, put in a request and I'll help you in any way I can.

Administration is easiest when ZAs and wizards have a good, solid working relationship. I realize that's been a bit lacking in the past, but when I was able to cultivate such a working rapport with White, it helped my own ZA work a lot, so I think it's really seriously mega important, and I will do everything I can to help you do your job effectively.

TealWizard06:28, 8 October 2014
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