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Sounds great. Would add this to the mix for your thinkin pleasure. Quietly serving the public, the members of Helpstaff are one of your most valued, and valuable, aspects. In that vein, and also knowing that Wizards are few and not always on when needed right away sometimes... plus it isn't like you wizzes don't have a boat load of stuff piled up on your 'honey do' list anyways... so what would you think of either expanding helpstaff's power minutely by allowing them to 'referee' disputes and issues, solving some before they cross your desk and even vetting some complaints so that you're not getting spamed? If not that, then perhaps creating a new form of 'helpstaffers'... something like roving 'arbitrators' that can do such things? I get it that wizards should have a final say in things but I also know you receive 'complaints' that really aren't 'worthy'. Kinda like having your top murder detectives handing out parking tickets. Better and smoother would it be if someone else handled 'parking tickets' and let the top cops (wizzes) handle major cases. Would free up time for you guys and also give the players access to quicker issue solving without bothering you guys with the 'small stuff'. I'm sure there'd be more 'rules and stipulations' as to what an arbitrator could/should handle and what they should pass upstairs to the bosses, but I think you get the gist of the idea.

wizzago09:01, 5 September 2015
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