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The life and activities of John Boelter.

I am a former resident of Nebraska and Iowa, having attended the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and now live in California. I am currently on disability, probably will be for the rest of my life, too. I like working with computers and my previous job was involving system administration duties, software installs/upgrades, account maintaining, and other assorted tasks.

I live a rather content life with my wife and our cat, and still find time for social activities and other hobbies that I enjoy, at least as much as is allowed in today's state of health of the world. My most social activities come from being online and in computer activities.

My hobbies include computers (as if you couldn't guess), cats of all shapes and forms and kinds, Role Playing Games of many varieties (especially AD&D), reading books, working with computer programs, watching television, hot-tubbing (not often), and assemble-it-yourself projects. I am a Furry fan and enjoy all things furry. I have a good collection of stuffed animals, mostly cats of course.

Who is this Nightwind person anyway?

Nightwind is this virtual character that was created by myself, who originally started as a Role-Playing character named NightFire, from a very old AD&D(tm) game. However, it has evolved into an anthropomorphic panther that frequents several net locations, some in particular:

Nightwind is a rather complex individual, one with a long history and personality. He is classified as a Psychic Conjurist and has the form of an anthropomorphic panther, usually. His history is rather long and extensive, and is constantly being updated. His life activities are geared towards gathering and collecting knowledge of all shapes and forms. He has taken an almost neutral outlook on life, feeling that others have a right to what they choose to do, even though he may not agree with it at all times.

Reading Books.

I read quite a lot, at least when I get the time. My favorite series of books is the DragonLance(tm) series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I have a near complete collection of these books, and often go back to read them again. I fancy the character Tasslehoff Burrfoot the most, and have even made a few role playing characters modelled after him.

Other books I enjoy are those by Mercedes Lackey. In fact, one such series of books, the Herald Mage series, was part of the inspiration behind the character Nightwind. The character from the book is named Vanyel, who is a Herald Mage. Nightwind's history and abilities are taken from this concept (with many changes to suit my own tastes added along the way), and he has renamed it to be called a Psychic Conjurist.

Cats everywhere!

Yes, I love cats of all kinds. For those who did know her, Abagail, my previous cat, has passed away at the ripe age of 21. May god watch over her soul.

We then got two cats, Tas (short for Tasslehoff Burrfoot, the famed kender from the series mentioned above. was a black cat, and Snowy, a mostly white colored cat, the name of which was short for Snowdrift, because she was mostly all white and had a habit of sprawling right in the middle of your path. They have both passed on in the late 2010s.

Our current cat we have adopted in 2020 and she is named Rey, a very large (14lbs) cat about 8 years old, who has gotten to know us quite well.

Some things you might enjoy looking at:

The role of Computers.

I enjoy computers of all sorts, working with them, programming in them. Myself, I have an AMD Athlon II X2 240 (2.80GHz) with 455 GB of Hard drive space, CD drive, and 4.0 GBs of RAM, and simple things such as a network connection, Sound card, Video card, etc.

Here also are a few things of humorous note that relate to computers (in a way). Hope you enjoy them! :)

I have worked on numerous different platforms such as Unix, Macintosh, VAX, and DOS. The latter of those, by the way, has nothing whatsoever to do with cars or airplanes in any way. :)

I have worked with many computer programs as well in my life and my studies as a high school and college student. The most notable is Pascal and C, though others have gone by including COBOL, Fortran, BASIC, Assembly language, and probably others that I am forgetting at this time.

I have also worked a lot with internal programming languages such as those found on TinyMUCK servers, like FurryMuck's current server code. The language it uses is called MUF, which stands for Multi-User Forth, and I have developed quite a few programs using that language. Also familiar is something called MPI, which is a Message Parsing Interpreter code, used primarily for the manipulation of text.

Of course, don't get me wrong, I do play computer games as well, it's not all work for me. My current favorite is, City of Heroes. The other one that I find somewhat fascinating is Minecraft. I like strategic and role-playing games over action or shooting-type games, although I have been known to play various flash games in the past.

Watching Television

Most of the time, when I watch television, it is simply on for background noise or sound. There are a few favorite shows that I enjoy with earnest of course, and they are

I also enjoy watching movies, but even then it is often just for background noise more than anything else. If it's a movie I haven't seen though, it might catch my interest. I'll admit most of the movies I do watch nowadays I get through the use of the Netflix rental service, which I highly recommend.

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