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Policy Privacy and Players

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We believe that privacy is a very important part of making a safe play space.

It is important that a person be able to explore themselves on a muck with out worrying about these things coming to haunt them in other places, or even other characters.

The following things should not be done:

  • Sharing Logs - Sharing logs from Tapestries in any form is prohibited UNLESS everyone who's output is displayed in the log is consulted and agrees to whatever distribution is done FIRST. This not only includes says and poses, but descriptions of people and rooms as well. Violating this is a copyright violation and considered a very serious Muck offense. Editing out names is not sufficient to evade this policy.
    • Exceptions - Staff of approved public building may receive logs of events in public rooms. Such logs may ONLY contain what happened in public areas that the staff maintains, and only public communications (no whispers, pages, or any other form of private communication.) Staff receiving such logs should in turn be aware that logs can be edited and take logs from untrusted sources with caution. Such logs should only be used in policy enforcement in said area.
  • Real Life Information - Handing out RL information about other players with out their consent is not acceptable. This includes the identities of alts (other characters that they own.)
  • Snooping - People should not attempt to access through tricks of MPI or other code things about people they could not otherwise find out. Getting at descriptions and other properties, writing tools to log or otherwise listen into conversations in areas you are not in and don't own are all examples of this.
  • Monitoring Rooms - Public Building may be monitored by their owners in private monitoring rooms. These monitoring rooms should not cover lockable "private" areas, just the main public ones. Such monitoring should also be mentioned in the area's rules.
  • Press - Members of the press MAY NOT ACT AS ONE on Tapestries. Any attempt to do reporting on the Muck and/or it's populace will result in banning for life, not toading.

See also Policy Privacy and Wizards.

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