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This page gives a list of publicly available MUF in with comments. For an alphabetical list, see Category:Publicly Usable MUF.

Linkable MUF programs

This is a listing of the publically-available programs that may be used on the muck and a short description of each:

  • bell.muf Call players on a list to a certain location.
  • chess.muf Chess board program.
  • cmd-remotespoof Remote spoofing program.
  • con-gohome This is the program that implements autosweep in public areas.
  • gen-idle-sweep This program implements the global idle sweeper.
  • gen-mesgboard This program sets up a bulletin-board style program in your area. Make sure that the action you link it to has the name read;write;protect;edit to gain access to all functionality.
  • gen-nothing This program does absolutely nothing! Useful for creating actions, since it helps prevent 'huh?' responses if something unusual occurs with your non-exit actions.
  • gen-obv-exits This program is designed to display all the exits in a room. This is the same as that used in the 'editroom' function, but is somewhat faster when creating large quantities of rooms as you merely need to have the @succ message of a room access this program.
  • lck-genlock This is the general locking program. Designed for use with wf-lkmgr.
  • lst-broadcast This program allows you to broadcast actions and says from one room to another. Useful for setting up 'monitoring' rooms for either general use, such as a peepshow, or for private use (area control)
  • noises A program to create random events with set time intervals in an area, like weather, an occasional kitchen noise, changing music, or other random events to liven up your area.
  • spoof (Program) This allows you to set custom 'spoof' messages in an area. Useful for setting custom spoof messages, or allowing 'custom' poses, so that names do not always appear as a first word in a pose. See also spoof (Command).
  • table-talk.muf Table seating program.
  • WA-indexer This program is useful for creating a custom WA in your area. It has a lot of options and extra functionality, and every single tag can be removed. great for creating 'local' zone Whereare or even a custom Whospecies
  • wf-lkmgr This is a manager program for lck-genlock program.

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