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Policy Roleplaying and TinySex

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Tapestries MUCK is setup to be a safe public play-space, and therefor people should feel safe to publicly speak of, and practice, various forms of sex, bondage, domination, and sadomasochism. You should expect to see it, and be able to at the least ignore it if you desire to hang out in public places.

As a public play-space, Tapestries has a few rules that should be followed in the Core Building and Public Building areas:

  1. Safeword OOC will always be respected. Safeword IC will be respected unless the area specifically states otherwise. See Policy Safeword or the alt.sex.bondage FAQ if you are unfamiliar with this.
  2. Some forms of play are considered to be too disruptive for Core and Public ares. These are: bloodsports, non-consensual play, scat, pedophilia, zoophilia, watersports and extreme forms of humiliation and violence.
    • Additionally the following type of characters are too disruptive to be in public areas that do not explicitly allow for it: Underage human characters and representations of holy figures of currently widely-practiced religions.
    • This list may be reduced or altered in some Public Building, please read all such rules. If you are unsure about what is okay, ask the local staff.
    • Defining what qualifies under this clause is the the realm of the Wizards (as is all other policy interpretations.)
  3. You should not disrupt someone's scene in progress.
  4. You should not involve yourself in a scene unless you are invited, IC or OOC. Ask if unsure.
  5. You may not represent yourself OOC or IC as an official of Layleaux or a Wizard.

Out of Character (RL) CONSENT is required for any play, public or private anywhere on Tapestries MUCK. See policy harassment. Not sure? Ask. You are responsible for establishing consent.

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