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     This page is a work in progress. This isn't even its final form.
Rather than create an exhaustive set of new policies, this document refers back the the main Policies for Tapestries MUCK; the following are a list of how the Chehon Region policies will compare to those of the core MUCK.


MUCK-wide policy documents

The following policy documents are MUCK-wide and cover all player actions on this and any successor system:

Documents used as-is

The Chehon Region uses the following Core policy documents without any changes:

Documents used with changes

The Chehon Region uses the following Core policy documents with the noted changes and clarifications:

Policy Builder

  • Clarifications
    • Mission and Environment - Theme: Chehon's theme isn't quite so loose; there's a stronger thematic focus.
    • Building Privlages [sic]
      • Quota: Quota has recently been increased to 100, not 40.
      • Teleport patterns: We're starting without per-zone teleports, at least at first. We'll see if that works.
      • Listing in LC: We're starting without per-zone LC, or will have a sub-LC for Chehon itself. Not sure about this.
  • Changes

Policy Harassment

  • Clarifications
    • Safeword in Chehon is detailed under User:TealWizard/WIP/Policy Roleplay (Chehon Region)
    • Abuse protection is OOC only, though trying to hide OOC abuse behind IC behavior will be identified and handled rigorously.
    • In the case of an NCO, an individual who is in a room and actively RPing first has right of way on that room and scene. The other NCO holder should not have any interaction, even IC interaction, with that person.
      • Players using their NCO and their characters' presence in a room as a way to deny others the ability to use the service will be found in violation of an NCO, committing harassment, and griefing. Do not do this under any circumstances.

Policy Public Conduct

  • Changes
    • All references to in-character conduct do not apply. The Chehon Region is intended to be a more serious, in-depth IC area, and certain types of IC conflict stemming from differing lifestyles can result in quality roleplay.
    • Add the following: the use of the excuse that a behavior is "IC" in order to rationalize OOCly-inspired violations of this policy will result in the immediate and permanent elimination from Chehon canon of one or more characters belonging to the offending player. This penalty does not replace the normal process for penalizing MUCK-wide policy violations.
    • In the event that a eliminated character is "brought back" by the offending player, the offending player will be permanently removed from the RP environment. This applies to all characters and character objects; past, present, and future.

Policy Punitive

  • Changes
    • Add the following: Access to extensions to the core game, such as the Chehon region, may be temporarily or permanently revoked for violation of policies within those play environments.

Core documents not in effect

The following Core policy documents do not apply in the Chehon region:

Documents specific to Chehon Region

The following policy documents are unique to the Chehon region:

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