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Modem Problems Art Gallery
HMS Shakewell

The HMS Shakewell was a mail steamer that was assigned to
the Nile river squadron. She disappeared under mysterious
circumstance while transporting Lady Blackpool. No trace
of the ship or her ladyship has ever been found.

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On The Road Again

Eidy, the (wanna be) witch queen
needed a Familiar to increase
her power but the only Kitsune
available was Katie who didn't
want to be any one's Familiar.
But she did want to play some
"mind-games" with Eidy.

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Barrymore Hall

Berrymore hall, AKA the Bunny Ranch
is the home to the Bunny clan. 27
Bunny Does and one bunny Buck. It
is also the main operating base for
the Easter Bunny.

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A goblin APC modeled after the Russian
OT-64. In this case it suffers from
the same problem
as the Russian vehicle.
Week armor. So I fixed it the same way
the Ivan did. I used logs to up the side
and frontal armor and installed a Palisade
in the rear to help stop boardings.

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Bren Carrier

The Bren Carrier was so useful it was
used by all sides to some degree. In
this case a British unit uses it in
an Anti-armor role with a BOYS anti-
tank rifle.

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A Goblin fighting vehicle based loosely
on the U.S. M-4 Sherman. I pulled the
Turret and some of the Frontal armor
replacing it with logs and thick wooden
planks to make room for a Ballista. A
giant crossbow.

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The Goblin anti-aircraft gun. I modeled
this one after a late WW2 anti-tank gun
but in this case I down sized it to a
one man weapon. It does have the same
faults as the original. It has no side
armor making it very vulnerable to flanking

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