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Modem Problems Art Gallery
Sleepover Blues
While Bed and Breakfasts are few and far between
at the Mud Volcano, they can be found at a reasonable
price, providing you are willing to share.

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Haunted Tower
While there are many ruins to attract the traveler,
one should always have a camera at the ready.
The old Guard Tower is said to be haunted. Care
should be taken not to disturb sleeping spirits!

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Escape From The Muck Slug
Not all wildlife in a Mud Volcano will be overly
friendly, but with quick wits, a steady hand, and
a convenient vine, the traveler should not have
any real problems.

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Muck Slug Likes You
When walking through a Mud Volcano, one should
watch their step so as NOT to wake up any
wildlife. But a Kiss might be helpful!

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Gobby Gal
While visiting the scenic Mud Volcano be sure to
watch the World-Famous Goblin Submarine Races!
While many complain about not being able to properly
view the race due to the presence of the Mud Volcano,
it is a once in a lifetime experience!

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Trips to the Mud Volcano can be arranged through
any of the local sailor-folk, who are always ready
to help travelers... for a reasonable price!

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