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Modem Problems Art Gallery
Stella Mouseglove
Stella may be the most unusual and advanced Artificial Intelligence
I've ever heard of! She is completely Clockwork with no electronic
components at all. Her body is fairly advanced but unremarkable it's
her brain that is remarkable!

Made up of thousands of small, thin spinning gold disks, she is the
only AI that I have ever met that shows emotions! Too bad she's such

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Sometimes referred to as The Universe's Angriest Mini-tank,
considering the number of times they almost took over the Earth.
You'd think that it would be a natural fit for Stella, but the
Dalek has a dark secret: It is partly organic while Stella
is purely Clockwork!

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Rosie & Vicky
From the distant time of 2069 (1969) The Rosie house robot
seems to have a very good AI however, it is unclear if she had
a real artificial intelligence or if she used a Human brain,
but either way Young Victoria loved the idea that she didn't
have to clean her own room!

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The ED-209 was an early attempt by an American company
to build an AI Policeman, however it suffered several
malfunctions in the pre-production phase and apparently
discontinued after the prototype testing.

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The Buran was the first proto type AI ship to be launched.
Well, The Russians claimed it was an AI however it was
only pre-programmed to fly one mission and then it and
its incomplete sister were retired.

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Robby & 13
Shortly after Man moved out into the Galaxy, they discovered
that an AI Robot could be very useful. Although there is some
debate as to whether or not the Robby type was a true AI
robot or a Bot that was just well-programmed, is still on-going.
It makes a fun ride though!

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