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Christmas '23
Normally, I start the new Christmas cards around
July and that allows me time to do some rather
elaborate designs, but this year I was badly
delayed until late September. So my
resident Goblin Girl, Squeeky Do stepped up!

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Katie Bunny seems to have no end to her bad luck. It
seems that "Rabbits foot" is only lucky when it's cut
off and hanging on a key chain! Katie is unwilling to
try that for obvious reasons.

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We all make mistakes.

Some time ago Vicky learned that you could
become Internet Famous by riding a RoboVac
around the house while Viewers go Ooo So cute!

Too bad she didnít ask RoboVac first. It led to 
a yearís long war between them.

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Well, when you got an itch you just gotta scratch!

I was in the mood to do something cute with Vicky
and this hit me as right!

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Buyer's Remorse
Buying a toy for yourself can be fun! Maybe more
fun then buying one for someone else. Or not.

The last RF4 on active duty was a recon bird
with the JSDAF Japan and is still in service as
a trainer.

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Gobby Armor
Ok, I was a bit strapped for new art. While I have
a fair amount of art, I came up short on something
that works in a Christmas theme. So once again, my
Gobby Gals stepped up!

This is a page from my catalog featuring the vehicles
the girls used to Lay Siege to Santa's workshop.

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