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Christmas Card 2022
Well, now you know why I used a Black & White version
on the “Throw-to” page. This is my version of
Quetzalcoatl, A Dragon from Ancient Aztec era Mexico.
Hey, Christmas is the most popular holiday in Mexico!

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Pillow Fight
I can’t really say much at this time about this one
without giving up too many spoilers. Except to
say that I’m introducing my first “Offically Over
40” character.

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Gobby Gal
Gobby Gal was an unused boat From the “Submarine races”
story line that I couldn’t decide to use or not. She
lost the coin toss.

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The Box
Another “Lost the coin toss” pieces. One of Katie Bunny's
sisters that, while trying to get a familiar, bit off more
than she could chew!

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Katie Bunny
This was an interesting Study. A nude of Katie Bunny that
doesn't show any nudity.

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The question came up, Can you catch a non-pocket
monster in a Pokeball? Lets ask Katie Kitsune!

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