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Katie Vs Snake
In most of my stories, a snake-like creature called
a "Naga" is the main bad guy. The problem (for the
Naga) is that (1) they are only about two to three
feet long and HIGHLY allergic to fur and (2) humans
are FAR to large to eat so they arenít so dangerous!
However, Native snakes can be dangerous to both
Humans and Anthros. When the story calls for
danger, I call upon the snake!

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Swamp Muck
The Swamp Muck is actually a variant of Spanish Moss.
While not known to eat meat, they are a kind of an
ABSORBER that normally consumes dead matter but are
VERY slow at it so they don't make it into the stories
very often,... They also don't have eyes, so...

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Golith Grooper
Fish gotta eat too, and the Goliath Grouper is one of
the best at this! Considered a Game fish, these monsters
of the deep are also considered to be true Monsters that
are even known to eat small to mid-sized Sharks. Poor
little Bunnie-girls stand little to no chance against

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In the good 'ol days of classic D&D, if my players would
get too cocky, I'd throw in a few Mimics. The fun part
was I can really make some trust issues with the players.
You see, a Mimic can be anything! If your team was looking
for a spell-book, and they search the library...BAM!
A Mimic attacks! They are low level monsters and can be intimidated.

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No one ever suspects the lowly plant but SURPRISE!
The weeds strike back! Although rare, there are plants
that munch on meat! In this case I base my
meat-munchin' plants on the Venus fly trap. There
are others, but this one tends to be far more

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Snake Snack
And that brings us back to Snakes! Cold-Blooded, Calculating
and very efficient they tend to strike from Ambush. Even Mythical
creatures like Katie Kitsune could fall victim to their coils and
fangs! The fun part of Snakes is that they can run to almost any
size, they can be poisonous, they can swallow you whole or crush you
into toothpaste! Like I said, FUN!

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