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Modem Problems Art Gallery

Ok, full discloser here:
M'Ress was more or less my first Furry. Way back in the 70s she was introduced as a replacement
for Uhura who (I believe) didn't sign on for season 1 but replaced M'ress in season 2.

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Haunebu II

The Haunebu is an enticing bit of Maybe fiction.
Late in the war, the Germans supposedly
captured an Alien ship and reversed engineered it
for use in their hidden Moon base.
Unfortunately, no evidence has been found
of the ship's existence. There was also supposed to be
an Artic base and an underwater one.

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Type 17

The Type 17 Alien pod ship it the primary
means for the Gray Alien Clones to get to earth.
The Pod is small but the Clones can make
themselves larger or smaller by simply
inflating themselves.
Other aliens make fun of them by calling
them The Galaxy’s Blow-up sex dolls!

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The Witch Queen

In this case, the Witch-Queen was a fun piece! With Vicky
and Sister Kate held captive the Queen prepares to send
her Evil minions scurrying all over the earth to do her
Evil (ok naughty) bidding!

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The dread Pirate ship, The Pollywog!
The Bunnies of Washoe lake raised her from the
Graveyard of ships off Crack-A-Skull Island
and used her for raids all over the lake.

Lacking a mast, rubber Armament, and bathroom,
the bunny girls had to just wing it.

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Lorry 1.5

I've always liked putting furry and non-human girls with Human girls. In this case, I like the style I use with the Lorry/Truck.

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