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Modem Problems Art Gallery
Goblin Gun Boat
Being cheap, (and pirates) the Goblins have no Navy. So, much
like the old British colony of Port Royal, they relied on
Pirates for their security. However, the "Coast Guard" has
been known to "acquire" their pay from imposing their own taxes.

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Polly Wag
A Bunnie Pirate ship that was originally built from the wreckage
of 3 other ships. She was neither fast nor fearsome. Mostly she
survived because no one wanted to take the time to sink her!

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Squeeky-Doo Pirate
Among her many jobs, Squeeky tried her hand at being a pirate.
What is that old saying? Jack of all trades, Master of none!
Well, better luck with Hotel Maid.

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Goblin Steam Cannon
The Goblins are generally considered "Cheap" when it comes
to buying supplies and that includes such staples as GUN POWER!
So for more then 150 years they have relied on Steam power!
While it DOES work, it is much more "Labor intensive" than
simply buying what they need.

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Temple of Doom
Not to be confused with the blockbuster movie, for some bizarre
reason, the Bunnies of Washoe Lake built a small town on the site
of what would become Nevada’s ONLY Mud Volcano! While the Island
is slowly sinking into the mud, for now it's a great Tourist trap...
In more ways than one!

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USS Turtle
Following the Revolutionary war some Goblins bought the old USS
Turtle for use in Salvaging old wrecks. Considered at the time
to be the ONLY honest work that the Goblins have ever done, when it
failed, it failed SPECTACLARLY!

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