Al's Photoshop TutorialTable of Contents

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New Course    7.0
Step 1: Create a Sketch    7.0
Step 2: Making The Sketch Blue    7.0
Step 3: Setting Up Layers    7.0
Step 4: Inking Basics    7.0
Step 4-A: The Brushes Window    7.0
Step 4-B: Freehand Inking    7.0
Step 4-C: Path Inking    7.0
Step 5: Getting Ready to Color    7.0
Step 6: Flat Coloring    7.0
Step 7: Soft Color    7.0
Step 8: Shading    7.0
Step 9: Highlights    7.0
Step 10: Backgrounds and Effects    7.0
Step 10-A: Smudging For Fur    7.0
Step 10-B: A Background of Brushes    7.0
Step 10-C: Text, Logos, and Styles    7.0
Step 11: Making the Image Internet-Ready    7.0
Old Course4. 
Step 1: Create a Sketch4. 
Step 2: Making the Sketch Blue4. 
Step 3: Setting Up Layers4. 
Step 4: Inking4. 
The Basics4. 
The Pen Tools Method4. 
The Freehand Method4. 
The Pressure Sensitive Method4. 
Step 5: Getting Ready to Color4. 
Step 6: Flat Coloring4. 
Step 7: Soft Color4. 
Step 8: Shading4. 
Step 9: Highlights4. 
Step 10: Backgrounds and Effects4. 
The Solid Color Background4.
Line Sharpening4.
The Photo Background4.
The Splotchy Background4.
Adding Text and Logos4. 
Natural Light Shading4.
Step 11: Making the Image Internet-Ready4. 
Saving in .JPG4.
Saving in .GIF4.
Save For Web  5.56.0 
Advanced Concepts4.
Multiple Light Source Shading4.
Fun With Noise4.
Part 1: What Is Noise?
Part 2: Common Filters4.
Part 3: A Simple Starfield4.
Part 4: Organic Patterns4.
Detailed Surfaces4. 
Part 1: Overview4. 
Part 2: Simple Detail4. 
Part 3: Long Fur4. 
Part 4: Shiny Hair4. 
Part 5: Transparent Surfaces4. 
Part 6: Transparent Fur4. 
Part 7: It's Done!